Den of Antiquity

Dusting off old ideas and passing them off as new.


I have trouble learning anything at conferences. Though, I’ve only been to a few. This is a retelling of what I told one of the Splunk people at their conference. Its starts with;
“I’m probably just not the right type of person for conferences.”
Don’t get me wrong. Their conference was great. But I’m one of the few people in the world that actually reads documentation… thoroughly. And Splunk is _very_ well documented. Better than most applications.

Furthermore I read blogs, lots of them. From that I not only gain the technical knowledge of ‘cans’ and ‘cannots’ but also use-cases, user experiences, corner cases, best practices and odd behavior.

Most sessions at conferences, end up being rehashes of what I’ve already read. With only a few small new tidbits in the entire hour or hour and a half.

Furthermore, I’m not a swag type of person. And usually if I was interested in talking with a company regarding their products, I would already have done so. Instead of waiting until I can meet them face-to-face in a exhibit hall.

I’ll probably be at VMWorld in SF, and at Strangeloop, in St. Louis. Before then, I’m hoping someone will chime in and tell me what I’m doing wrong