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Swing Extreme Testing

I’ll admit, I hadn’t read any books on UI testing before. But I have an understanding of the difficulties in it from my own failed attempts, as well as the various blog posts I’ve read over the years. Like many I just chalked it up to too hard to do well.

Fortunately, this book was a big help as a first step.  The techniques it suggests are simple and helpful. And show that UI testing doesn’t have to be a complete beast.

I agree with most other reviews though. The custom unit testing system was overkill. But the real-world scenarios used to present the tests where good and easy to read. They weren’t presented as the long, detailed case studies that many testing books make the mistake of doing.

If you’re looking for a first book on UI testing, its a good choice. And the patterns can be applied to UI frameworks and languages other than Java Swing.